The Town of Longboat Key has announced a beach renourishment project starting Sunday, June 6th, and will last a total of approximately 3 weeks. The town moved the project dates at this short hour from November to June due to an opportunity provided by the contractor and ultimately saving Longboat Key taxpayers $500,000.00. We apologize for the short notice. The impacts will be felt in stages as they proceed from the north at the L’Ambiance property and work south to New Pass in 500-foot increments lasting 3-4 days each.

The impacts will be as follows:

  • The beach will be open and beach services will be available throughout the project.
  • Periodic sectional beach closures will occur in 500-foot increments.
  • After each 500-foot section is completed, a walkover for the dredging pipes will be in place to access the Gulf.
  • The total project impact on our beach will last approximately 3 weeks – weather permitting
  • The beach will be doubled in size.

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